We serve the areas of western Volusia County, Florida including:

           * Deltona                         * Deland                          *Orange City

           * DeBary                          *Osteen                            … plus

Any area that wants to join us or ride with us, is more than welcome!!

We have our monthly Gathering (we don’t have ‘meetings’) at a local establishment for lunch, then some funs & games.   Afterwards we ride to “someplace.”

We enjoy rides of all kinds, including:

           * Destination Rides - we have a destination we set out for

           * Mystery Rides - only the Ride Leader knows where we’re going

           * Hump Day Rides - we ride on Wednesday to where ever we want

           * Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast Rides - we set out for a specific restaurant

           * Order of the Red Spoon Rides © - As the Official Home Chapter of the Order of the Red Spoon©, we  ride for

                                                                    Dairy Queen & FUN

           * Camping Rides - many of our members enjoy camping of all kinds

           * Daisy Rides - Similar to the Mystery Ride, with a twist (named for our Daisy Lucci)

  If you want to ride someplace, let the Team know and LET’S RIDE!!!